Spray Foam

Spray foam, also known as SPF or Spray Polyurethane Foam, is an excellent roofing system option for many commercial building owners or property managers. It is tough, durable, and highly insulative. In fact, spray foam offers an R-factor well above the norm and provides year-round comfort through reduced thermal fluctuations. This insulation allows for cooler summers and warmer winters, while keeping utility costs down.

What Is Spray Foam?

Spray foam begins life as 2 separate liquids, isocyanate, and polyol. As the name suggests, the 2 liquids are sprayed onto your existing roof substrate.

As the 2 liquids combine an exothermic reaction occurs, causing the 2 liquids to develop into a foam.  This foam expands up to 30% in volume. The expansion creeps into cracks, crevices, and deficiencies, sealing them tight.

The foam ultimately dries into a solid, seamless layer of protection across the entire span of the roof, including flashings, protrusions and up parapet walls, sealing the roof from moisture intrusion.

Due to the cellular nature of the foam, air movement is significantly reduced. This keeps warm air outside during the summer and cold air outside during the winter. By reducing the thermal fluctuations within your building, your utility costs are kept at a lower level and your building is kept more comfortable, for employees and customers alike.

Our Spray Foam Process

Spray foam is NOT a DIY project. It requires a highly trained team, knowledgeable in ratios, lay-down depths, and the use of specialized equipment.

We follow a 3-step process to ensure the best possible long-term results.

Step 1. Prep your roof, making any necessary repairs. Ensure the area is clean and debris-free. Apply the foam coating.

Step 2. To ensure that the new spray foam system is well protected, we apply a base coat once the foam dries thoroughly.

Step 3. For maximum reflectivity of solar UV rays, a topcoat of an acrylic coating is applied. This provides long-lasting protection to your foam roof, while maximizing your utility cost savings.

After the 3-steps are completed, the roof is re-inspected to ensure every detail has been thoroughly addressed.

Keeping your new foam roof lasting as long as possible is now simply a matter of regular inspections, coupled with professional preventative maintenance. When necessary, the coatings can be re-applied to continue the protection and enhance your foam roof indefinitely.

For more information on spray foam roofing, or to schedule a consultation to see if your commercial roof is a good candidate for this amazing roofing system, please call our experts at 502-777-1844.