Maintenance Program

You have the oil changed on your car regularly to help it perform at its best and last as long as possible. Preventative maintenance for your commercial or industrial roof provides the same service. By attending to the roof before deficiencies develop, it will perform better and last longer. This makes a maintenance program a great addition to your roofing investment.

Statistics show that roofs that are regularly inspected and maintained last up to 30% longer than those that do not receive the same benefits. A 30% longer lifespan equates to years of savings.

Benefits of a Maintenance Program

In addition to the increased lifespan, having a maintenance program in place provides even more benefits as well.

Convenience. By having a maintenance program in place, there is no need to calendar reminders or call around trying to find a trustworthy commercial roofing contractor. You just lean back and let us handle the situation on your behalf.

Quality. Using the same contractor to perform your maintenance over the years allows for improved quality. That contractor knows and understands your roof and your goals. There is no need to reinvent the wheel with every maintenance service.

Performance. Regular preventative maintenance will not only make your roof last longer, but it will also make it perform betterl.  Identifying and correcting any small deficiencies as they occur will keep that roofing system in peak condition, able to fulfill its responsibilities to you year-round.

Warranties. Your roofing warranty requires regular inspection and preventative maintenance to occur in order for the warranty to remain in full effect.

Insurance Claims. Should a claim become necessary, the documentation associated with your inspection and preventative maintenance virtually eliminates the risk of a claim denial for contributory negligence.

Our Maintenance Program

Our maintenance program includes your annual roof inspections, with a written report documenting our findings and any recommendations that may be appropriate.

We go another step farther, by providing you with tips to keep that facility roof in prime condition. Putting you in control of your own roofing investment is good for your business.

With Louisville Top Choice Roofing inspecting and maintaining your commercial or industrial roofing system, we provide you with peace of mind knowing your building is well protected at all times.

To learn more about our maintenance program, please call 502-777-1844 and schedule your consultation.