Roof Inspections

There are few components of your commercial building more valuable or important than the roof.  It stands sentinel day after day protecting your building, inventory, employees and customers from the outside. Sun, rain, sleet, hail, snow, and wind come after it, but It stands guard against them all including UV radiation and falling debris. Ensuring it is in prime condition year-round is fundamental to that protection.

The best way to keep your roof in prime condition is with regular roof inspections from the experts at Louisville Top Choice Roofing.  There are so many reasons regular roof inspections are a great business investment.

Benefits of Regular Roof Inspections

Most roofing experts agree that your commercial or industrial roof should have a scheduled inspection twice a year, in the Spring and again in the Autumn. The timing is straightforward, it is to check for repairable damage prior to moving into the more extreme weather during Winter and Summer. 

The key benefits behind regular roof inspections include:

Longevity – Regular roof inspections have been shown to provide an additional 30% or more of lifespan to your roofing system. If you have a 20-year system that is an extra 7 years before replacement becomes a concern. 

Prevention – Regular inspections provide opportunity to identify minor damage or deficiencies and allow for their repair before they become a large, expensive problem.

Warranties – Your roofing warranty requires you have the system inspected and preventative maintenance completed on a regular basis, to remain in full effect.

Insurance Claims – In the event an insurance claim becomes necessary, the documentation of your scheduled inspections and the associated preventative maintenance lays a baseline for when damage occurred, as well as provides an argument against any accusation of contributory negligence.

Types of Roof Inspections

In addition to the scheduled or regular roof inspection we have addressed, there are other circumstances where a roof inspection is both appropriate and prudent.

Inclement Weather – When a significant weather event comes through the area, it is a good idea to have the roof inspected. There is no telling what damage you may have received without taking this step.  Should damage be identified and an insurance claim warranted, this inspection will lay the foundation for a successful resolution.

Purchase/Sale – Whether you are selling OR buying a commercial building, having an accurate understanding of the condition of the roof is key for appropriate pricing. Some people rely on the opinions of general building inspectors. Though they are able to help, with the roof being such a key component, doesn’t it make more sense to have a roof expert do that assessment for you?

Louisville Top Choice Roofing prides itself on the quality of our roofing specialists and the thorough nature of each of our roof inspections. We go below the obvious, to find the underlying issues that the layperson may miss.  This allows us to help you protect your building and maximize the return on your roofing investment.  To learn more about our roof inspection services, or to schedule a consultation, please call our friendly team today at 502-777-1844.  We look forward to working with you soon.