Roof Repairs

Regardless of the type of roofing system you have, the need for repairs will occur at some time. Whether it is caused by weather-related issues, poor installation, falling debris, or just simple the ravages of time, no roof is impervious to damage.

The importance is the ability to identify not only the damage, but the most cost-effective way to correct that damage. There are always three options; Repair, Restore or Replace.  Of these, repairing the damage should always be the first consideration.

Roof Repairs

Whether a repair is the best decision to correct your roof damage depends on multiple factors.

Extent of Damage – Small defects or areas that are not widespread can frequently be handled with a simple repair service.

Age of the Roofing System – If the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, even smaller repair jobs may not be the most financially viable option. Assuming the roofing system has several years left, then a repair service should be considered.

Owner Goals – If you have been considering updating or changing your roofing system anyway this could be the best time to do it, even if a simple repair would keep your current system functioning for a while longer.

Roof Restoration

Should a repair service not be a reasonable decision, the next course of action to be considered is our restoration service.

Restorations can take the form of liquid-applied or membrane roofing systems. 

  • Liquid-Applied Systems. As the name suggests, a liquid applied system begins as a liquid sprayed or rolled across the surface of the existing system. As it dries, it forms a seamless, monolithic layer of waterproof protection across the entire area, adding years of functionality.
  • Membranes are rubberized sheets that are rolled across the existing roofing system. These sheets are attached to the system via adhesives or mechanical anchors, then the seams are either chemically “glued” or heat-welded together for a virtually seamless result.

Regardless of the type of restoration utilized, the existing roofing system is left in place. This reduces both time and expense, as well as keeping unnecessary materials out of our landfills.

Another primary benefit of the restoration process is the ability to re-apply repeatedly as long as the roofing structure remains sound.

Roof Replacement

Not all roofs are good candidates for either repair or replacement. When that is the case, the only solution to addressing the damage is a full roof replacement.

The benefits of a replacement are obvious.  With a new roof you can address any deficiencies in design (such as inadequate drainage, etc.), along with selecting a system that works better for your building. Not to mention those new roof warranties are just about unbelievable!

For more information about the commercial roof repair options, or to schedule a consultation with one of our experts, call Louisville Top Choice Roofing today at 502-777-1844. We would love the opportunity to assess the condition of your roof and offer you our innovative solutions.