The only thing stronger than a great roof are family ties. Family is the cornerstone of Louisville Top Choice Roofing.

Co-owned by Dad, Marvin Detweiler and sons Ken and Aaron Detweiler, Louisville Top Choice Roofing boasts 55+ years of combined building and construction experience. You learn a lot in 55 years, and as a natural outgrowth of both that knowledge and a deep desire to help their neighbors, the family added roofing to their repertoire 10+ years ago.

Well-known within the community, through Capital Framing the family was instrumental in the completion of the Noah’s Ark museum in Williamstown, KY. This landmark is a visual illustration of the professionalism, quality workmanship, and attention to detail you get with Louisville Top Choice Roofing.

Unlike some roofing companies, we love doing projects like repairs, maintenance, roof management, and 3rd party annual inspection reports.

These “small” projects are big to the businesses and families affected and play a vital role in protecting the businesses and families in our community.

One of our special services is our third party annual inspection reports. Conducted once a year, this independent report is instrumental in the event of a roof damage insurance claim, identifying baseline conditions and helping clarify time periods when damage occurred. It also helps with budgeting, damage tracking, and other crucial operational concerns.

Another way we stand out is our access to large, difficult to obtain equipment. Through our construction background, we own tower cranes, lifts, and other crucial equipment. There is no wait, and no rental charges incurred when we use our own equipment, saving you both time and money.

However, our most unique attribute is the attention we bring to our customers. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a family with 2.5 children, you can 100% count on our prompt, friendly service, quality workmanship and unsurpassed customer service. Working together we will form a partnership ensuring your roof protects the things most important in your life – your business, your home, and your family.