John Mast

John was born in Sonora, KY and spent most of his growing up years in Kentucky, south of Louisville. Growing up Amish taught him a strong work ethic, and to always do his very best. He carries that mindset today into his business, family, and customer relationships.

At a young age John knew he wanted to own a business and made that dream come true in 2017. Running a seamless guttering business before going into residential roofing and construction gave him a firm foundation with roofing. In 2018 his commercial roofing career began, and he’s never looked back.

“One reason I enjoy business so much, is being able to work with my six brothers”, but roofing isn’t the only thing John enjoys. “When I am not on a roof or with clients, my family likes traveling, paragliding, fishing, elk hunting, and golfing together. It is very important to all of us that we share interests and time to build healthy relationships”.

Ken Detweiler

Ken grew up in Indiana near Louisville and operated a large framing construction company in Louisville with his family for five years, which is still in business today. Ken also owned his own roofing and construction company before joining with John to begin Louisville Top Choice Roofing.

With much experience in the industry, Ken has been crew leader and manager for a framing business other than what he operated with family, a crew leader and sales rep for a large roofing company and was owner of a roofing and construction company.  He adds different perspectives since he has worn many hats needed for success.

Ken enjoys a round of “golf, or fishing and walks with my family” when he isn’t handling business or up on a roof, also “going to Idaho with my family to hike, ski and snowmobile”.


Louisville Top Choice Roofing is a family owned and operated business built with a strong team. John and business partner Ken have created an environment where everyone strives each day to display the honesty, integrity, and relationship bonds that are most essential to their success and happiness. “We aim to build long-lasting relationships for the future while building each other up on the team, and within our families, so we can all be our best”.